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Diana Andrews posted a picture of a woman on a treadmill (Stock image)

Diana Andrews uploaded the images to Snapchat. One included the female gym member on a treadmill with the caption "love handles."

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
A female bodybuilder has been accused of fat-shaming' after posting photos of another gym member online.

Diana Andrews uploaded the images to Snapchat. One included the female gym member on a treadmill with the caption "love handles."

Her next post then claimed the woman will probably be ordering burgers to eat, the Evening Standard said.

The images were then shared on a women’s support group on Facebook because Andrews' account was public.

Campaigners in the group branded the posts "tragic" and the bodybuilder has since changed her account to private.

One of the images uploaded to Andrews' account

She has now apologised to her 17,000 followers, saying: "I realise that I was wrong to make this silly joke.

“It wasn’t my intention to body shame, hurt or disrespect anyone.”

The bodybuilder competes in competitions run by the United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Association.

A spokesman told Mail Online that she is not a  “paid-up member” of the organisation and added: “We are totally against this kind of thing. We have already told her off and she has apologised. It is not very nice.”…
Mou Cong became China’s first female bodybuilding world championship at the 2017 Arnold Amateur championships held on March 5 in Columbus, Ohio
Mou, 32, won both overall champion and championship for female contestants with height under 167 centimeters at the competition.

She also became China’s first female athlete to win a membership to the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB)
Mou told US magazines after winning the competition that her motto was “realize dreams and never give up.”

The competition was established in 1989 by Austrian-American movie star and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is also one of the most important figures in the history of bodybuilding. The influence of the competition is second only to the Battle for the Olympia.…
In 2006, Bass was hospitalized due to steroid-influenced pancreatitis

Bass married Richard "Bob" Fuchs in 1985.Fuchs died in his sleep in 2013 at age 64.Bass was also in a relationship with her business partner, Kristen Marrone.

Bass died on February 17, 2017, at the age of 52

Bass had an extensive career as a female bodybuilder in the late '80s and throughout the '90s.

Bass made her professional wrestling debut for ECW in 1998 after a bodybuilding career, and went on to join the WWE the following year.

The cause of Bass’ death has not yet been determined, but fans have sparked rumours that she may have suffered a stroke or a heart attack.

A few days ago Nicole got very sick. She was brought into the hospital and they did everything they could to help her.

Many people knew Nicole but few ever got close enough to know the REAL woman that she was. I got to be one of the lucky few.

Cause of death was Myocardial infarction…

by FMCPreviews…

Inspired by Inner Armour to do max tire flips in 90 seconds with a 400lb tire. she was able to get 24 flips in before the time cap.

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